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UK Copyright Law
Much is written and talked about the individual artists rights to his/her work. Here is the definitive situation as far as UK Law is concerned. (Updated when changes occur)
UK Photographers Rights
A short UK guide to the main legal restrictions on the right to take photographs and the right to publish photographs that have been taken. The guide was written by Linda Macpherson LL.B, Dip.L.P., LL.M, who is a lecturer in law at Heriot Watt University, with particular experience in Information Technology Law, Intellectual Property Law and Media Law. Hope you find this useful.
If you would like to download the PDF file they offer, just click HERE
Stumped by Colour Management?
Welcome to 'The Oracle' . Everything you need to know about digital post-production management in one mouse-click - Read the page through completely and your Colour-Management problems are gone forever!
Creative Eye
Home of a good friend and a diverse photographic talent that is Gerry Weatherhead.
Cathy Taylor Photography
A multiple 'Editors Choice' award-winning photographer, Cathy's excellent work is beginning to get the attention of magazine Picture Editors that it richly deserves.
Ed Rhodes Photography
Landscape photography to admire and aspire to... this time from Ed Rhodes
Yet more Landscape to admire and aspire to... The work of Keith Henson and Andy Dippie
Joanna Stowell Photography
Required viewing IMO. This is a very talented photographer with a very distinctive style and refreshing approach to her subjects.
Diffraction and Digital Photography
This is one of the most enlightening dissitations I have ever seen on digital image capture. Sean's work here has had more impact on the technical aspects of how I capture really sharp images than anything I have read before.

The bonus is that Sean is a highly accomplished Photographer. His Gallery is highly recommended.
Nikon Europe Support
Portal to the Nikon European Support site. Select your Country and log in
A Better Bounce Card
If you are looking to improve your fill-in flash images, then you need to visit Peter Gregg's site and see what he has to offer. Don't let his 'Lo-Fi' website put you off - the product REALLY works. I have put Peter's solution up against my Stoffen and all the other 'Hi-Tech' flash gadgets available - and the 'ABBC' wins hands-down. This image won me a Sigma EM-140DG Ring Flash unit using an ABBC. Highly recommended.
Fun - Planitary
Have some time to kill? Bored at the office? Try this.
Digital 'Pinhole Camera' Imagery
Weather against you? Bored with what's on the TV? Try this... Fascinating stuff - and highly recommended!
Contrast checker
For optimum viewing, calibrate your monitor to see all 16 shades from pure black to pure white.